Thursday, March 20, 2014

Got my Sewjo back.... FINALLY

I have finally found motivation to sew again!
And i can say that I am happy to finally be getting back into it..
Lots of harem pants and bibs being made at the moment.

Im also holding a 'Walk on the wild side' harem pants market night in the very near future...just waiting on the fabric delivery, which is taking forever!!

Im also very excited to be getting some other new fabrics - Glitz, foxes and love hearts!
i can see lots of awesome new harems in the near future!
I have so many new ideas and i think its going to be hard to find the time..
Harlow Designs will also be at the Willow Markets in Aberdeen on the 30th..
So my motivation came back just in time :)


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unleashing the inner interior designer!

So, me and my fiance are building a house. Although the land has only just been cut so its going to take a lot more months before its an actual house, I have been planning my girls' rooms!
I have been searching for the perfect peacock chair for Noah's nursery, but wow those things are expensive... and then the stars aligned and an old peacock chair popped up on my local buy swap and sell page on facebook for $10.00!!! and it was delivered! SCORE!

So now my dilemma is what colour to paint it! I have been making little moodboards to try and piece together what I want the nursery to look like.. so far im still soooo undecided. There are so so so many beautiful things out there on all these beautiful online shops!
I thought I might share some ideas.. Noah's cot is a beautiful incy interiors cot so im basing all my purchases around it..

NB: all these photos come from pinterest.. 

Noahs room!

Harpers Rooms

So many ideas with an empty wallet suckkkkks!
If you want to check out the rest of my house ideas - which im sure ill blog about anyway, feel free to follow me on pinterest -


Friday, March 14, 2014

Caffeine Overload!

So its 1:31am and I am on a complete caffeine buzz! 
What better time to start a fresh new blog for Harlow Designs!!

Theres not a whole heap about me to know... Im a mum to 2 beautiful beautiful little creatures - Harper Willow (3) and Noah Saige (5m)..
I own/create/live/breathe Harlow Designs and i also own Emily Thompson Soy Candles!

I love creating! I first started sewing when I was about 13 and havent stopped since! At this very moment in time though, i am OBSESSED with crocheting! I have at least 5 different blankets on the go as i type!

Lets hope i can keep up with the blogging and let you all in on the behind the scenes of my life and Harlow Designs..
But for now, I better go to bed before Im needed by the little humans!