Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unleashing the inner interior designer!

So, me and my fiance are building a house. Although the land has only just been cut so its going to take a lot more months before its an actual house, I have been planning my girls' rooms!
I have been searching for the perfect peacock chair for Noah's nursery, but wow those things are expensive... and then the stars aligned and an old peacock chair popped up on my local buy swap and sell page on facebook for $10.00!!! and it was delivered! SCORE!

So now my dilemma is what colour to paint it! I have been making little moodboards to try and piece together what I want the nursery to look like.. so far im still soooo undecided. There are so so so many beautiful things out there on all these beautiful online shops!
I thought I might share some ideas.. Noah's cot is a beautiful incy interiors cot so im basing all my purchases around it..

NB: all these photos come from pinterest.. 

Noahs room!

Harpers Rooms

So many ideas with an empty wallet suckkkkks!
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  1. Love the chair! I think you should do it a nice pink to contrast against the cot and make a nice pink/white chevron cushion for it :) Loving the style boards!

  2. Pink chair with a touch of classy shabby chic to it.